Minicraft,1/144,美國空軍,F-16A Falcon,戰隼戰鬥機



Minicraft 1/144 美國空軍 F-16A Falcon 戰隼戰鬥機 組裝模型

TWD $770

TWD $699

預計:2021/01 出貨


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1/144 美國空軍 F-16A Falcon 戰隼戰鬥機 組裝模型 





外盒尺寸:20.4 x 14 x 4.3 cm / 143g

[About actual machine]

- The F - 16 Fighting Falcon is developed by the US Air Force's lightweight fighter LWF plan.

- Adopted the design of Brendite wing body when developing the aircraft.

- The maneuvering system is also known for adopting fly-by-wire for the first time as an aircraft.

- The control stick was also made as a side stick type arranged on the cockpit right console.

- The engine is equipped with 1 Pratt & Whitney F100.

- First flight was February 1974. After that, updating and improvement were continued from time to time, and now it was raised as a masterpiece active in the front line.

- In addition, there are many countries to adopt even outside the United States, and it is operated in over 20 countries in the world.

- The number of production machines has reached more than 4,500 aircraft.

- Participated as the main force of the US Air Force in the Gulf War that began in 1990.

- After that it was used for conflicts involving the United States, such as the invasion of Afghanistan and the war in Iraq, and demonstrated its ability.


[About the model]

- The model is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduced the masterpiece fighter of America, F-16A on 1/144 scale.

- Brendit wing exactly reproduces the style of the body.

- The panel line of the fuselage is also expressed firmly, enhancing the reality of the finish.

- In addition, the parts scopes were also constrained, further, the canopy parts painted the frame. We support assembly efficiently.

- It is possible to assemble by selecting flight condition, landing condition.

- Display stand of transparent parts is also included.

- The cockpit which the inside can be seen well with a large canopy also reproduces the detail such as the side console, such as the panel which adopted the fly-by-wire. It would be fun to shake the arm and paint it and finish it.

- Two types of marking. I am selecting from the aircraft operated during the Gulf war.

- Decal printing is a silk screen printing decal responsible for Cartograf.

- It is a decal made in Italy with less color transparency and better coloring.

- The masterpiece fighter F - 16 which can be easily assembled can not be overlooked.